New investment opportunity: We are pleased to announce the launch of the MINERVA Energy and Infrastructure Bond – investing exclusively in renewable energies. The Bond offers investors an attractive risk/return profile, low correlation to traditional asset classes, and long-term, stabile cash flows.

This bond offers – in addition to the investment in clean energy – a multitude of advantages. With banks currently offering record low interest rates, the demand for new investment possibilities is huge. Philipp Rusch, Chief Investment Officer of MINERVA: „We proudly offer this bond to our clients. We unite a clear conscience with clean technology while offering enormous earning potential.“ Several key indicators have become completely unpredictable:

  • Oil markets are collapsing. Crude oil prices have fallen by more than 50% since July 2014.
    • The future development of price levels for natural resources and commodities remains unclear.
    • Numerous geopolitical crises (ISIS, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, etc.) are adding to already high levels of economic uncertainty.
    • Inflation in vital economic regions remains low and many experts are warning of the rising threat of deflation.

Investors – especially those with a long-term horizon – are currently facing a huge dilemma: Security, solid returns, and maintained liquidity are three factors that are almost unattainable. The Bond offers the perfect solution to satisfy these demands:

  • Reduced risk: Through long-term investments with stable and predictable cash flows.
    • High liquidity: Tradable securities with short basic durations.
    • High real interest rates on investments with a minimum term of just three years.

Matthias Altieri, Chief Executive Officer of MINERVA: „We are pleased about the strong demand for this bond as well as the success of our investor conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. With this bond, we were able to fully square the circle.“

Several top investors have already been convinced by this new investment opportunity. At the first annual investor meeting of MINERVA in Garmisch, 25 invited guests from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria – who are already aware of the potential of Cleantech Investments – had the opportunity to discuss new possibilities offered by the market launch with the MINERVA-Team.

Fact: Clean energy pays out – yields and environmental protection are guaranteed.