The independent energy provider Minerva extends its portfolio further with the new energy bonds MEI 4Plus and MEI 8Plus. Both bonds with an emission volume of 21 m euros and 41 m euros are authorised for public distribution now. Thereby Minerva grants private investors the chance to invest in clean energy with long-term stable returns between 5.75% and 7.40% starting as low as 5,000 euros.

The Luxembourg Minerva Capital Partners invests in renewable energy and infrastructure projects worldwide in the sectors solar, wind and biomass. The use of established technologies from renowned suppliers guarantees a risk-optimised yield as well as a future-proof store of value.

The regional investment of MINERVA focuses on OECD national economies with stable legal conditions, high energy prices along with rising energy demand and excellent solvency (i.e. Europe, particularly Germany, UK, Italy as well as Southeast Asia).

Through the upgrade of renewable energies MINERVA offers investors an attractive return-risk-profile as well as correlation to traditional asset classes like stock and loans. Advantages which, especially in these times of volatile markets, worldwide policy of low interest rates and falling commodity prices, are extremely attractive to investors.

With the energy bonds ME 4Plus and MEI 8Plus investors profit from a reduced risk through long-term investments in stable, plannable cash flows. Furthermore, the bonds grant high liquidity through the basic term of four to eight years coupled with an interest between 5.75% and 7.40%. The investor will receive quarterly interest payments already after six months.

‘We consider the license for distribution of the energy bonds MEI 4Plus and MEI 8Plus for Germany a milestone for the development of our retail business. We are glad to offer our investors bonds which combine clear conscience and great economic potential’, Philipp Rusch, Chief Investment Offiver of MINERVA, explains.